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Our Mission

Shattered Canvas is dedicated to the prevention of childhood sexual abuse and erasing the stigma of mental health by supporting survivors and promoting community education and awareness.

Survivors of childhood sexual abuse and communities will receive support and education in regards to the epidemic of childhood sexual abuse resulting in awareness and prevention.

  • Childhood sexual abuse survivors will have access to support and education in a safe environment.


  • Programs that offer support groups, education by mental health professionals, community experts, resources and survivor experience will be offered to survivors and in all segments of communities.


  • The stigma of mental health will be eliminated in our communities providing survivors of childhood sexual abuse a voice and confidence in reaching out to available resources that promote a shared vision of healing.
  • We believe that all children deserve to be in safe environments.


  • We believe that the lack of education, support, advocacy, and silence surrounding childhood sexual abuse in our societies impacts the health and welfare of children, adults and communities leading to stigmas, repeated episodes of abuse by perpetrators, and the silence that allows this preventable atrocity to stop hurting our children.


  • We believe that all survivors of childhood sexual abuse deserve to receive ongoing support that provides awareness, education, and professional resources that promote healing and wellness.


  • We believe that the current stigma of mental health prevents survivors of childhood sexual abuse from voicing their experience, pain and reaching out for education, support and professional services that would promote a caring and therapeutic environment to heal.


  • We believe that all families, communities, businesses, schools, and colleges need to understand the impact that childhood sexual abuse has on children/adult survivors and in our society by receiving education and knowledge to end this epidemic.
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