child-cryingYour donation will go a long way in helping us provide education and support to survivors, their friends and family and the community.


There are two ways that you can donate:


1.  Personal Check  

Please send your personal check to:
Shattered Canvas, Inc., P.O. 1152
Havre deGrace, MD 21078

Please make your check payable to “Shattered Canvas, Inc.”


2. Paypal

If you’d like to pay with a major credit card or your Paypal account, please click the Paypal button below, which will take you to our secure donation page at


If you have any questions, or need help, please email us at

Thank you for your support!

How you can help!

Shattered Canvas Inc. is in need of the following items/supplies/volunteers and business support to assist survivors, therapists,and our education/awareness programs. We appreciate your support! We have reached out to over 200 survivors!

1. Journals- lined and unlined (all sizes and colors)
2. Colored pencils
3. Markers
5. Pads of drawing paper
6. Glue sticks
7. Crayola Crayons
8. Pocket Folders- all colors
9. Binders- all colors (1”, 2” and 4”)
10. Plastic bins of all sizes and colors
11. Soft silky ribbon- all colors
12. Stress balls
13. Barnes and Nobles gift cards
14. Dollar store gift cards
15. Michael’s Craft Store gift cards
15. Copy paper
16. Free xeroxing capabilities (even if 100 pages/month)
17. Sewing with monogram capabilities
18. Paint, watercolor and acrylics
19. Paintbrushes
20. Canvas pads of painting paper
21. T-shirts with our logo
22. Marketing assistance for our brochure

Call to learn more!

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