Call for Submissions


Shattered Canvas, Inc. received a grant from American Citizens for Italian Matters and Constellation Energy to showcase the Face of the Survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse and Mental Health.

Shattered Canvas will display, art, drawings, paintings, expressive writing, poems, journal pages, and photos submitted by survivors, spouses, family, friends, children, or mental health professionals that demonstrate the face, emotion, struggle, pain, reaching for help, happiness, solitude, peace, etc. that represent the survivor of childhood sexual abuse.

This display will be moved to various locations, posted on the Shattered Canvas website, and FB page so that the public can view the invisibility of sexual abuse and mental health.

Shattered Canvas wants to flood the post office with your expressions that demonstrate your journey or commitment to these issues. We need to ROCK the world with this project and get media attention, while we are at it, why not try for so many submissions that we can start our own museum!

How to submit your artwork:

  1. All submissions can be sent and/or shown confidentially, with a pseudo name, or your real name.
  2. All represented works can be sent as the original or a copy.
  3. Each submission should include at least one to two lines explaining the expression for the public to visualize what the emotions, journey, relationships, healing, etc. represent.
  4. Please include with your submission that Shattered Canvas has the right to showcase your work and that you understand it will remain the property of Shattered Canvas, Inc. (hopefully the museum) unless specifically requested to return to sender.
  5. Remember all postage and or costs are tax deductible as Shattered Canvas is a non-profit organization. Please send any work you would like to contribute, these showcases will run continuously!

Submissions can be sent to:

Shattered Canvas, Inc.

PO Box 1152

Havre de Grace, MD  21078                    

   OR:   (Please put grant submission in the subject line)

If you have any questions email:

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